Permit Requirements for Roof Replacement in Miami-Dade County

You have lived in the same house for 7, maybe 8, or definitely over 10 years and have never had a roof upgrade in all that time. Perhaps, the insurance agency finally relieved you with a nice check to get that job done. You are excited and ready to call Hurricane Heroes to get that old roof of yours and put a new crispy shingle roof like the one in your dream house. Let’s face it! You are excited! 

There is only one catch, though. Paperwork! At Hurricane Heroes, we take care of all the paperwork for you from permits to submission. But regardless of that relief, we have written this article to help you learn about the process…

Let’s get straight to the timber. Our team at Hurricane Heroes made it simple for you, literally, we just saved you well over two hours of search and waste time. In this shortlist, we put together the step-by-step to get your roof or project started yesterday:

  1. The building permit is the first document to fill out in the Miami-Dade County area. It may seem lengthy and intimidating, but it’s actually a basis for the project. The county has made it easy to simply fill in the spaces in the yellow sheet building permit application and notice of commencement.
  2. The second document is the roofing permit. This is a more detailed document and in reality, nobody expects you to be able to fill it out without some help. That’s where our team at Hurricane Heroes crunch the numbers so you don’t have to. This document asks for detailed numbers about the project and makes reference to the Florida Building Code 6th Edition (2017).

These two documents are fundamental. And depending on the type of roof project you are working on, you might need to fill out a few other forms like Solar Roofing and the Section A & B High-Velocity Hurricane Zone. In any case, you should schedule a call with our team to help you fill these out for you.

Now, let’s assume you want to re-roof your home. If it is a single-family residence valued at more than $300,000, you will also have to take care of a copy of the Broward County Property Appraiser’s assessed valuation of the building. As well as two (2) Hurricane Mitigation Affidavits (completed and notarized), which you are going to need help from our team as authorized contractors to fill it out. These will be sent out before final inspections.

Re-roofing other buildings that are not single-family residences involves the submission of additional forms based on the type of roof, whether it involves concrete or not, and the infrastructure involved

But whether your project is big or small, we are here to help you navigate through the correct steps and forms before submitting to the corresponding offices. 

We are certain we have saved yourself some headaches and time. We want to emphasize our commitment to make you feel like one of our family members and aspire to give you protection, comfort, and great customer service.

And that’s a wrap, if you still need help figuring out which papers need to be filled out to get your new roof going after the check hit your door or you REALLY need a new replacement, fill out the form to your right and schedule a call with our team to do it for you.