The difference between Hurricane Heroes and the rest of the competition

Leo Schlez, owner of Hurricane Heroes, a roofing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recalls meeting a homeowner who was once intimidated by reports of bad roofing companies in South Florida. But once they experienced the professional and on-time service that Hurricane Heroes provided them, the customer expressed their relief to Leo. This, he says, is his favorite part of the job.

As his customer expressed, it can be scary trying to find a roofing company is legitimate and will take care of all of your needs. Hurricane Heroes, founded in 2012, has prioritized customer gratification.

Hurricane Heroes takes care to provide “updates, permit process with the city, professional workers, smooth job, taking care of the small details, and high client satisfaction,” according to Leo. In addition, their PACE, or Property Assessment Clean Energy program, allows a property owner to finance the cost of energy efficiency, renewable energy and other eligible improvements on a property and pay these costs back over time using private sources of capital. PACE agreements can be risky to enter if you don’t read the fine print. But Hurricane Heroes discloses its interest rates upfront and the finance is tax deductible.

Something that many homeowners may have to face with unprofessional roofing companies is a contract change or extra charges that weren’t in the contract to begin with. Hurricane Heroes guarantees not to change price during the project and there are no hidden fees or tricks. In addition, the company makes sure it’s hiring only professionals. Each roofer is licensed, insured, and there is a 10 year warranty on labor with 30 years on material.

Overall, says Leo, things that will help guarantee legitimate roofing experience are to check customer reviews, ask for pictures and video testimonials for completed projects, and examine the content of the roof—check that the best material is being used. Only the highest quality materials are used in Hurricane Roofing, including Shark skin synthetic underlayment and 3D shingles for best protection and insulation. This combined with commitment to customer satisfaction gives Hurricane Heroes an edge above the rest of the competition.

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