What To Consider When Getting a New Roof

When searching around for information about a new roof, there are a lot of things to consider. Safety, energy efficiency, and cost, materials are just some of them. But one of the most important things to consider is what type of roofing you’re going to use. Shingles are the most common material used in North America and they don’t just serve a cosmetic purpose. You need shingles to provide a protective layer over the base of your roof. Shingles are often favored by homeowners because it’s comparatively easy to install them and the upfront cost is relatively low compared to tile, another popular roofing option. Shingles also come in two varieties: 3D, or dimensional shingles, and 3 Tab shingles. Here’s why choosing 3D shingles is a better choice for your Fort Lauderdale roofing.

3D shingles have two layers of material bonded together, which gives them a three-dimensional appearance. 3 Tab shingles have regularly spaced tabs, making the roof look somewhat like a brick wall with the repetitive pattern. 3D shingles are thought of as a better choice because they’re thicker and heavier than traditional 3 Tab shingles, making them more protective and less likely to warp. At 25-30 years (and 40-50 years for higher end products) they generally have longer lifespans than 3 Tab shingles. They also can hide structural imperfections on the roof due to their overlapping patterns.

3D shingles were created primarily for aesthetic reasons: In the 1970s, upscale homeowners sought roofing material that looked like cedar shingles but that protected like asphalt. They’ve become an iconic roofing material, seen in many neighborhoods and some even require 3D shingles. Due to their popularity, they’re readily available and they can even raise the value of a home if they’re properly installed. Hurricane Heroes is well-established roofing company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and we take advantage of this. Their wind resistant cooling roofs are made of high quality materials including 3D shingles, and they have many to choose from for the best fit for your home.

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