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Impact Windows

Is your home built to hold a major hurricane? If you don’t have impact windows in South Florida, probably not. Some of the most serious damage caused to homes During a hurricane flying debris can hit your building at very high speed, resulting in serious damage.

We at Hurricane Heroes Windows has the best Impact energy efficient Windows in South Florida. Our windows can give you so many advantages in one product:

  • Hurricane level 5 impact proof – no more shutters.
  • Strong security against thieves and burglars.
  • Reduce your energy bill between 30%-50%, by fully insulate your house from outside heat.
  • Block 99% of the UV sunlight – your furniture and floor would stay safe.
  • When the house fully impact – reduction of 30%-35% on your insurance bill.
  • Strong appreciation of your house – on average, the investment go on top of your house value
    We have all windows shapes and openings, tinted or bright,  clear or colonial.

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When it’s time to find the best impact doors in South Florida, more homeowners moving to Hurricane Heroes. Our Doors have some unique characteristics:

  1.  Greater beauty and practicality.
  2. Hurricane level 5 impact proof.
  3. Sustainable with a limited life time warranty.
  4. Block 99% of the UV sunlight to enter your home.

By using the top leading brands – Masonite and Thermatru doors, you can be assured that your long term investment would be worthwhile.


A healthy roof means a high quality of life, and especially here in South Florida where wind and rain can cause severe damage. Even a small problem can soon escalate and cause extensive damage to other areas of the home.

Our wind-resistant cooling roof is made of the best products – high quality 3D shingles or best made tile roof, and Shark skin synthetical underlayment for strong protection and insulation.

Hurricane Heroes focuses on acquiring high quality roof replacements. Roof replacements can be costly. However, choosing low-quality materials would cost you more in the long run. As a result, to achieve the best value for your roof, choose an experienced roofing service that can do the work quickly and efficiently.

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